Polymer Earrings

Handmade, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Find your unique piece today and love it forever.

Every piece you see here was handcrafted by me. 

Unique Pieces -

just like you

My Story

I lost my job in 2023 and suddenly found myself at home. This is when I started experimenting with polymer clay and fell in love. A passion was born.

Why would I buy polymer earrings?

The biggest advantage of polymer earrings is that they are extremely lightweight. Unlike traditional earrings who can get quite heavy the bigger they are. Also: they are hypoallergenic and nickelfree so perfect for sensitive ears. And I can customize the shape, color and studs to your liking!

A lot of effort goes into making these earrings, so I only make small batches. Since they are handmade, every piece is therefore one of a kind. And if you buy from me, you would be supporting a small business.